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Drug cops caught playing Wii during raid

During a raid on a suspected drug dealer's abode, the cops make themselves comfortable and avail themselves of the suspect's Wii. It is all caught on camera.

It's not easy being a drug cop.

You're constantly dealing with characters who can be less savory than mud pie. And then you discover that some of these people have vast amounts of money.

Who amongst us would not, therefore, in the midst of a raid on a suspected drug dealer's house, avail himself of the suspect's loot? Consider, for instance, the suspect's Wii.

In some highly entertaining footage from WFLA Tampa, cops appear to have been caught red-fingered by a security camera they missed in the home of Michael Difalco, an alleged drug dealer who was already in custody.

The footage shows these Polk County officers getting frightfully excited. One chap, on finding what he claims to be a bag of meth, performs a celebration that might normally only be seen in a late night bar after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have actually won a game.

However, the real joy seems to have been delivered by a little Wii bowling, conveniently displayed on Difalco's rather expansive television.

Surely you can see the temptation. CC Toasty Ken/Flickr

One male officer is so consumed with glii after he knocks down some virtual pins that he looks like Kevin James celebrating the fact that he's met a girl who finds him attractive. It could not be described as either rhythmic or aesthetically appealing.

One lady drugbuster is cataloging evidence, but is overcome by her need to Wii several times.

Naturally, this footage has caused a few people to be somewhat bowled over. Defense attorney Rick Escobar, for example, seems to believe that the officers violated the terms of the search warrant.

However, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd, while acknowledging that the bowling was not good behavior, told WFLA: "We executed that search warrant appropriately from a legal sense."

You might be wondering how it is that the officers didn't realize they might be being filmed. Well, apparently, Difalco had a security camera that looked like a speaker. It was hooked up to a computer.

And the police didn't, for some peculiar, no doubt un-Wii-related reason, seize the computer.

One can hardly wait for the case to come to trial. Drugbusters by 20 is my betting line.