Watch deviant drones take on seagulls, R2-D2, pizza delivery

Imagine a sky filled with flaming superheros, pooping seagulls, flying pinatas and airborne R2-D2s. These oddball drones are very real.

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Not all drones are dull concoctions with four rotors and staid looks. Some dare to be very, very different. A marketing agency proved this in hilarious and disgusting fashion by creating a seagull drone that pooped sunscreen for a 2016 Nivea commercial. Not to be outdone, other drone builders have their own fantastical creations.

Cat litter maker Tidy Cats attempted to introduce a drone designed to scoop litter, calling it the Clump Claw 2000. Sound too good? It was. The drone was a joke for April Fools' Day in 2015. It was real, but it really didn't work.

Some of the world's strangest drones are a lot more successful at their droning duties than the Clump Claw. This modified-quadcopter flying R2-D2 from Star Wars can get off the ground just fine. A drone homage to superhero the Human Torch successfully brought flames and flying together as a "Fantastic Four" publicity stunt.

Weightlifting, beer-toting, pinata-carrying and pizza-delivery drones show you can dare to dream outside the norm for flying machines. Except maybe that pooping seagull wasn't such a great idea. Let's not do that again.