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See a razor-equipped drone play real-life Fruit Ninja

A drone with a razor blade attached slices up bananas, apples, cucumbers, kiwis and tomatoes at 70 mph in this crazy video.

A powerful quadcopter equipped with an intimidating razor blade slices fruit and vegetables in half with ease in this slow-motion video.

The crazy footage comes from YouTuber Giaco Whatever, who writes, "We basically all know the game Fruit Ninja, right? So why not do a little experiment and doing it in real life with the help of a drone?"

In the video posted April 8, the drone races across the screen chopping fresh produces like bananas, cucumbers and kiwis in half at breakneck speed of 70 mph (113 kph).

The video is slowed down using an Edgertronic camera. Watching the drone with a giant blade slicing and dicing in action looks almost beautiful when paired with classical music.