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Drone dramatically rescues stranded drone buddy from roof

A drone lost on a high rooftop becomes the star of a suspenseful rescue operation when a fellow drone tries to bring it home.

Drone arrives safe
A drone goes home. Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

If you lose your drone on a neighbor's roof, there are a few options. You can leave it there, quietly mourning its loss. You can politely request access to the roof, get a good ladder and go fetch it. Or you can enlist another drone to pluck it from its perch while filming the melodramatic rescue attempt.

YouTube user Harrisen Howes chose the third option. He notes that he came to this effort since roof access wasn't possible, though he doesn't elaborate as to why. The lost drone languished on the roof for two months before the larger drone arrived like Superman to save it.

"Two months ago my roommate drunkenly lost my small drone on a neighbor's roof. Two months later after upgrading to a larger drone I attempted a rescue of the smaller drone using hooks I made from coat hangers," Howes writes in the description for the video posted Wednesday.

The drone's-eye video looks down on two dangling hooks as it approaches its stranded brother. The homemade rescue apparatus is precarious and hard to control. Dramatic music plays as the hooks attempt to clutch the little machine. Finally, there's a moment of triumph as the white quadcopter is lifted into the air.

If "Mission: Impossible" was remade on a nonexistent budget with drones as lead actors, you'd get this video. There's even a thrilling mid-air moment when the second hook nearly catches into place. The video wraps up with a happy ending of Howes reuniting with his lost machine in a moment of joy. It's two minutes worth of high drone drama with a satisfying conclusion.

(Via Boing Boing)