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Feel a drone's terror at being stalked by a house cat

Watch as a ruthless hunter tries to swipe a tiny drone out of the air in a battle of machine versus feline.

You're flying through a house, minding your own business and doing important drone things, when a furry nightmare explodes at you, crashing you to the ground.

Welcome to a typical day at YouTube user BrokFPV's house. Leopold-the-cat and Tiny-Whoop-the-drone are some of the most entertaining frenemies ever to star in a YouTube video.

The "Leopold vs Tiny Whoop" footage, brought to our attention on Reddit, gives us a drone's-eye view as the dainty flying machine attempts to evade the cat's flailing feet. There's action. There's drama. There's a cute cat with a strong prey drive. This is what the internet was made for.

BrokFPV's custom Tiny Whoop is a fascinating little drone. It carries a very small camera, so the video quality isn't at the same level you would get from a drone able to haul a bigger, fancier camera. BrokFPV steers it through the house with the help of first-person-view goggles. As fun as it is to watch the video, it's probably even more exciting when you're the one wearing the goggles.

Perhaps the most daring sequence involves Tiny Whoop making a dive beneath Leopold's belly, passing safely below the cat-bridge. Fortunately, most of us will never have to experience first-hand what it feels like to be stalked by a fuzzy beast many times our size.

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