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Watch a drone attempt to change a light bulb

How many drones does it take to screw in a light bulb? Watch this viral video to discover how hard it is to replace just one bulb using a remote-controlled quadcopter.

Changing a light bulb by hand is easy enough. But when you use a drone for the task, you can end up with a lot of broken glass.

This YouTube video, posted Sunday by Marek Baczynski, shows firsthand how difficult it is to replace a light bulb using a piloted quadcopter drone.

On its first attempt, the drone bumps into the old light bulb attached to a ceiling light, and crashes to the ground.

The next few tries has both the drone and the newer light bulb falling to the ground again, shattering the bulb in the process.

Two drones and nine light bulbs later, the task is completed.

This video is a great reminder that as fun as drones are to fly, a very skilled pilot is required to maneuver them to do even the most basic of chores.