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Droid X vs. iPhone 4

Viacom loses its lawsuit against Google's YouTube, eBay buys RedLaser bar code scanning app for mobile shopping, and Verizon releases the Droid X just as the iPhone 4 launches with limited availability.

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Happy iPhone day! We have coverage of the hysteria and it is just as we expected: hysterical! See for yourself.

On a separate note, you may have noticed the absence of an afternoon edition of Loaded. Let me explain. I love doing the show twice a day but producing the show that often turns out to be a little too ambitious for our New York crew, particularly as I am getting ready to take maternity leave. The twice-a-day schedule is not dead forever. We hope to wait to pick it up again when I return in the fall.

As for when I will be taking leave, your guess is as good as mine. I am told these little ones operate on a schedule of their own. While I am out, Mark Licea and Jeff Bakalar will alternate filling in for me. I have full confidence in both of them and I am extremely grateful that they will make themselves available. And of course, poor Wilson Tang will continue to direct and produce the show. Thank goodness for all of them!

Okay, enough production notes! How about some notes about the content of Thursday's show: