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Droid Razrs pop up for free, on sale, and rooted

Everyone's favorite skinny phone is popping up all over. Here's the new Razr rundown.

Motorola thinks thin is still in. Motorola

Motorola has resurrected the Razr as a Droid-branded smartphone, and it's popping up all over--on sale today only at Amazon, given away for free to some old-school Razr owners, and it's even been rooted already.

If you've always had a smartphone, you may have missed out on the mid-2000s feature-phone phenomenon that was the Motorola Razr. That's Razr as in a razor-thin flip phone that sold more than 130 million units in its four-year run.

Motorola brought the best seller back, mixed it all up with its Droid line of smartphones and released the Droid Razr today, 11/11/11, at 11:11 a.m. Apparently everyone is playing this cute little numbers game, including Amazon, which is offering a today-only deal on the new Razr through its AmazonWireless site. The deal gives you the new gadget for just, you guessed it, $111.11 with a Verizon contract--that's a big discount off the regular $299.99 price from Verizon.

But if you can't wait the eight to nine days Amazon says it may take for the new phones to ship, your best bet may be to head to your local Costco, where, AndroidCentral reports, they're offering a "bonus pack" to members who buy a new Droid Razr. The pack includes about $120 worth of extras, including an HD Dock, an HDMI Cable, a portable charger, and an extra wall charger.

Though the phone has been officially available for only a few hours, rooting instructions for brave new Razr owners first surfaced last night on DroidForums. It's an adventure that's not for the faint of heart, though, as the risk of bricking the phone is very real, and there's no means of recovering a bricked device yet.

As for the free Droid Razrs I mentioned up top, this promotional video surfaced showing some Motorola folks handing out the new phones to owners of the original flip Razr. Moto didn't respond to my requests (including this one) to confirm that these are real people and not actors, though that's the way the company YouTube page presents it. Watch below and tell us what you think. Does the first woman seem maybe just a little too excited?