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Drivers take selfies in middle of blocked LA freeway

When the 105 freeway closed because a man was threatening to jump from an overcrossing, what would good citizens do? Why, get out of their cars and take group selfies.

Welcome to LA. Marcus Smith/Twitter

If there's one phrase that sums up today's society it is this: "Here I am."

So my spleen is turned mildly beige at the idea that drivers who discovered they were stuck on a blocked freeway would get out of their cars, stand in the middle of the road, and make like Ellen DeGeneres with a bunch of Hollywood high-rollers.

Yes, they took selfies. Well, of course they did. This happened in LA, after all, where a robust sense of self is always an excellent hedge against being left on the shelf.

As the local Times reports, the 105 freeway was closed because a man showed intentions of jumping from an overcrossing.

Such an event should be taken seriously. In LA, though, serious means selling your script and netting your grosses. An event such as this might be an occasion for a little increase in your self-worth, or at least in your value as estimated by your immediate friends and your immediately virtual acquaintances.

Marcus Smith, senior producer at KTLA-TV tweeted evidence of people standing in the middle of the road and taking group selfies.

Honestly, what else are you going to do? The cell phone-captured photograph of oneself isn't merely a form of selfie-expression. It's a selfie-projection, there to be shared.

The information that was to be shared here was: "Here we are, stuck in middle with you and you and you and you."

Perhaps romances will have been inspired by this need to document, well, being in a traffic jam. Instead of fast and furious, here we had slow and serene, a testament to the human ability to find togetherness and fame, even in the most difficult moments.

If you have a cell phone and a sense of art and adventure, a selfie ensures that you will never be truly stranded.

There will always be those ready to admire the moment when your sense of occasion held hands with your imagination.