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Driverless cars will lead to more sex behind the wheel, says expert

Technically Incorrect: The co-founder of Canada's Automated Vehicles Center of Excellence fears more dangerously inflamed passions on the highway.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.


Sex? In this little thing?


You're rolling on down the highway.

Suddenly, you see the windows of an adjacent car rolling down its windows.

Then you see why. The occupants need air. They also need space.

This is the future envisioned by Barrie Kirk, co-founder of the Canadian Automated Vehicles Center Of Excellence, a consultancy group that focuses on the fully automated tomorrow.

He's concerned, you see, about rolling car-nal conflagration across the nation.

"I am predicting that, once computers are doing the driving, there will be a lot more sex in cars," he told the Toronto Sun.

He doesn't think this is a good thing. He described car-nal sex as "one of several things people will do which will inhibit their ability to respond quickly when the computer says to the human, 'take over.'"

YouTube is already adorned with videos of people doing, well, certain things while in self-driving Teslas. For example, these two men playing pat-a-cake.

The issue, of course, is that self-driving cars aren't yet as autonomous as they seem. That's the problem with this technology. It purports to allow you to sit back and relax. It might, though, at any given point, scream at you to take over.

This might be difficult if you are, say, perched at an awkward angle and happily distracted.

The ultimate promise of self-driving technology is, of course, that it will make everyone safer.

It might also make it easier for the likes of the police and Google to know where you are all times. After all, who wouldn't want to advertise to us right inside our cars when we have nothing better to do than read, text or have sex?

But if we are, indeed, free to do whatever we want inside our cars as we're traveling along the highways, perhaps the notion of sex will indeed enter our heads more often.

Perhaps each car will be fitted with little privacy curtains to keep out voyeurs.

There might one thing that prevents some people at least from having sex in these driverless cars, however.

If you look at Google's cutesy version that's currently venturing around Phoenix, you might ask yourself: "How?"