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Drink, game, repeat: A dream come true

Drink beer and play video games with an in-cabinet kegerator.

After the first few beers, you may remember playing Toobin' in high school.

Part of the fun of playing video games in the arcade back in the day was watching the adults try to evade giant pickle slices, fried eggs, and hot dogs in Burgertime without spilling the beer perched precariously on the cabinet.

Now, through the miracle of modern technology, you can relive those days with the Arkeg arcade cabinet. Not only does the cabinet house a PC preloaded with 69 arcade classics (legally licensed, even), but it also has a kegerator with a 5-gallon keg.

You can customize it with add-ons such as drip trays or a European keg coupler as well as custom cabinet art.

This machine can be added to your private arcade for about four grand, not including add-ons.

And because I'm your pal, and I know the important questions, I already checked. According to the list of games on the Arkeg site, it does, in fact, include Tapper.

(Via Uncrate)