Dress your iPhone up like a Walkman

The Audman case gives your iPhone a Walkman-style makeover with built-in speakers, two headphone jacks, and a battery. Analog buttons add to the '80s charm.

Retro-rock your iPhone.

Sony's Walkman is alive and well in digital form, but the iconic tape player version is still the image that comes to mind when you think about Walkmans.

If the Audman Kickstarter project gets off the ground, you'll be able to take your iPhone or iPod Touch back to the go-go days of the '80s with a Walkman-style costume.

Audman case
The only thing missing is the constant cassette whir. (Click to enlarge.) Audman

Besides making your iPhone much less attractive to thieves, the Audman also packs a surprising amount of bonus material.

The case features dual speakers, a battery for charging your iPhone, and two headphone jacks. A belt clip lets you wear it all in true Walkman style.

Analog buttons on the outside give the case a retro feel. The best part will be when you take phone calls on your faux Walkman out in public.

The cassette tape's greatest legacy may be the mix tape. Things just haven't been quite the same since we all went digital. A music app is in development so you can create mix tapes and make your iPhone look like a cassette through the Audman's window.

The Audman is going for a $125 pledge on Kickstarter. If that's too steep, then the Audman LT version gives you the looks without all the electronics for a donation of $35.