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Blow them away as Han Solo in hard-core 'Star Wars' costume

Who's scruffy-looking? Not you in this officially licensed, premium Han Solo replica costume from Anovos. Serious research went into this dashing ensemble.

Look as dapper as Han Solo did in his Bespin ensemble before that little carbonite incident. Anovos

Fans wanting to channel their inner Han Solo can now preorder the memorable ensemble he wore on his tragic trip to Cloud City on Bespin to visit his old pal Lando Calrissian. This official "Star Wars" replica costume comes from elite nerd costumier Anovos.

Han Solo's "Bespin" replica ensemble from "Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back" consists of Han's jacket, shirt, pants, and belt, and can be preordered now for $960 exclusively by North American customers. (The price goes up the more outfits are ordered -- the first tier, $900 each, has already sold out.) Anovos ships to other countries as well, but international ordering information for this outfit isn't yet available.

"Replicated from the definitive Han Solo costume from 'The Empire Strikes Back,' this Premier Line release is the result of intense and thorough research and development from Anovos' design team," Anovos says on the product page.

The replica was created based on "Intense study of original screen-used costumes, hundreds of photographs, and some of the surviving actual paper patterns used to make Han's outfit -- provided by Lucasfilm Archives," Anovos says. "For the Premier Line uniforms, the outfit's fabrics are painstakingly recreated to capture the correct weight and weave from the originals so that you too can be the most dashing guy, or gal, in our galaxy while wearing the clothes from science fiction's coolest renegade." (That's right, the outfit is considered unisex.)

Han Solo's wool jacket is fully lined with built-in shoulder pads and gusseted pockets. The outside was "digitally color-matched" to the original jacket in "heathered dark blue" with a gray interior.

Han Solo's shirt looks like it's ready to impress even the pickiest of princesses. Anovos

The replica of Han's shirt is constructed of off-white lightweight wool flannel with "details accurate to the original piece referenced at Lucasfilm Archives." The design is based on "a combination of original patterns" and the shirt seen on screen, Anovos explains.

The pants are a mix of heavy-duty wool and polyester gabardine. The "'blood stripe' duplicates [the] complex asymmetric offset pattern, referenced directly from screen-used pants and recreated by Anovos' design team." The belt is made from real leather and handcrafted in the U.S., again "using patterns from original screen-used piece from Lucasfilm Archives."

Han Solo's Holster Rig Set is also available for preorder, sold separately from Anovos for $375.

Anovos first revealed these high-end in April, with Luke Skywalker's Bespin uniform with holster and Darth Vader's intimidating garb on the way as well as Han Solo's iconic outfit.

The Han Solo "Bespin" Clothing Replica Ensemble begins shipping in December. Replica costumes range in size from small to XXL and are considered unisex.

Han's Holster Rig is constructed based on pieces from Lucasfilm Archives. Anovos