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DreamWorks 'Home': Can Rihanna and Sheldon Cooper save us all?

Watch this two-minute trailer for "Home," a DreamWorks Animation film about an alien named Oh who befriends a teenage Earthling while on the run from his species.

The Boov are taking over Planet Earth, and our fate is in the hands of Sheldon Cooper and Rihanna.

In "Home" from DreamWorks Animation, Jim Parsons (aka Sheldon Cooper on "Big Bang Theory") plays Oh, an alien who just can't seem to do anything right.

After accidentally destroying their home planet, the Boov take over Earth and relocate humanity to make room for the Boov. On Earth, Oh runs into Tip, a teenage girl played by Rihanna, and the unlikely duo and their cat team up to try to stop the Boov and return Earth to the humans.

Of course, like most other DreamWorks pictures, "Home" is likely to be both hilarious and crude. This comes out in full force in the trailer, when Oh's body starts dancing uncontrollably when music starts playing, despite him trying to get his legs to just STOP. But by far the funniest and crudest humor comes when Oh takes a trip to the restroom, where he both eats a urinal cake and drinks the "lemonade" he happened to find there.


There will also be some heavy moments in "Home," though, as Rihanna reveals to Yahoo in an exclusive cast chat that there's one scene that "really wrecked [her]" and had her "bawling her eyes out." And that's despite her only having watched the stick figure, non-animated version of the event.

In all, "Home" looks to be a fun adventure tale with an epic animated battle between aliens and humans over the future of Planet Earth. Can Tip and Oh stop an impending Boov takeover, or will the pesky aliens convert Earth into their new home world? We'll find out in March 2015, when "Home" is set to launch in theaters worldwide.