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Dreaming of the Google phone

The first phone to use Google's Android platform may come from HTC.

So far, we've only seen prototypes of a cell phone running Google's Android platform, but InfoWorld has some gossip on what the first real device might be. According to a source "close to the situation", HTC may become the first company to manufacture an Android device. Yet it also appears that Samsung, which also is a member of the Open Handset Alliance, is not far behind.

Details are slim but the source reported the following specs. The HTC device will be called the "Dream" and will be about 5 inches long by 3 inches wide. What's more, it will feature an alphabetic keyboard that will either slide or swivel out from under the display. There isn't much more to tell at the moment, but the above details match rumors that Forbes reported last year. We apologize that we can't offer any photos of the Dream but we can give you a look at an Android prototype that we examined last month at the GSMA World Congress. See the video for more details.