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Dreamcast (and PS2 games) on the PS3?

Rumors of Dreamcast games on the PS3 could be the most exciting news we've heard all week.

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Scott Stein
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Could your PS3 also be your Dreamcast? CNET

A whopper of a leak shot across the Internet Tuesday, reporting of a Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) meeting that discussed the possibilities of rereleasing classic Sega games as compilation Blu-ray Discs and downloads of PS2 games on the PS3. While we discussed this trend--and even suggested a few great franchises to pursue--when the God of War Collection was announced, an even more surprising and exciting bomb was dropped in these purported meeting minutes:

Dreamcast on the PS3.

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From the wording of supposedly leaked August 6 SCEA meeting notes found on several forums including NeoGAF, it sounds like both PS2 and Dreamcast games will soon be available over PSN, much like PS1 games are already. That is big news. With PS2, PS1, and Dreamcast titles under their belts, it could be argued that the PS3 would have a Virtual Console that, while not as retro as Nintendo's, would be nearly unbeatable in offering the best of the late '90s and early '00s. After all, back then, the Dreamcast and PS2 were the biggest, bitterest rivals in town. It hasn't been confirmed that these notes are real, but they certainly seem too detailed and logical to not be.

The cynics might roll their eyes. Hardware backwards-compatibility was killed off on the PS3, and it seems like reselling these titles on the PSN could smack of double-dipping. Offering cheaper (and possibly even HD-upscaled) versions of last-gen classics would be a welcome idea, except for those who have been patiently holding onto their dusty discs of yesteryear.

Still, our hearts are racing. We just got through teary reminiscences on the Dreamcast's 10th anniversary, and now it seems like we might have a DC revolution on our hands sooner rather than later. Jet Grind Radio? Crazy Taxi? And dare we say it--Seaman? For our complete wish list on the Dreamcast games we'd like to see make it over to downloadable format, check out the gallery.

Of course, DC games could also be on their way to the 360, for all we know (and some, like Ikaruga, already are). But Sony's already on a roll with its cheaper, slimmer PS3. Would PS2 and DC games on the PS3 help turn Sony back into a superpower?

(Source: NeoGAF via Joystiq)