'Dream Machine' is full-body gaming

It may look ridiculous, but it could help you lose weight too

Mike Yamamoto Staff Writer, CNET News.com
Mike Yamamoto is an executive editor for CNET News.com.
Mike Yamamoto

If digital gaming can truly help people lose weight, as some claim, than this could be the equivalent of a personal trainer. The "Dream Machine" is a "personal simulation system powered by the computer game player's own body," according to Australian Simulation Control Systems. A better way to describe it is a cross between a game simulator and an adult version of those baby jumpers that hang from the door frame.

Either way, it's supposed to combine exercise with entertainment as you bounce and twist your way through gaming systems of any type with "whole body control" by plugging directly into a computer, SlashGear says. The company says it folds away neatly, but we can't imagine storing this thing in a corner no matter what form it takes. But for $1,700, you might want to keep it out in the open anyway to get as much use out of it as possible.