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Draymond Green's blissfully mean way of shrinking phone time

Commentary: It's not easy when you're an NBA star. You get so many texts. What to do? The Golden State Warriors star has an answer.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

You can usually tell when Draymond's winning.

Gene Sweeney Jr., Getty Images

Draymond Green got a lot of texts on Saturday night.

I deduce this because the Golden State Warriors again beat the Utah Jazz in the NBA playoffs.

"After wins, your phone -- especially when you play a good game -- you come to your phone with 90-something text messages," the Warriors star said in a video posted to Uniterrupted. "I've had 200-something."

After a loss, however, he said there might be just two. "Where's all that love from Game 1?" he says he wonders.

There's some relief in it, though, because it's hard to keep up with 90-something text messages. If you start replying, you might get replies. But you have 89 other messages to reply to.

"Sometimes I wait until I know everyone's sleeping, then just start responding to all the text messages," he said.

It is, just like Green himself, the right kind of mean. (Disclosure: I'm a Warriors fan.)

Text etiquette can be hard. Who ends the conversation? How should the conversation end? How many back-and-forths is too many?

Then again, how sure can Green be that his texters are asleep? Doesn't he have to wait until it's very late? And what if they still reply? That could really tire him out.

It's not easy being famous and popular. Mind you, why doesn't he divide people differently? Why doesn't he only reply to those who text him after a loss? Aren't they his real friends?

Oh, but perhaps his real friends know not to text him after a loss. They know when to leave him on the texting bench. Draymond can be, well, emotional.