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Draw something for Crave

Hey Draw Something addicts, Crave is looking to showcase our readers' favorite sketches from the addictive drawing game. Send us yours today!

A couple of my attempts at Draw Something.
Bonnie Cha/CNET

If you're not playing Draw Something by now, at the very least, you probably know someone who is and can't stop raving about it. The addictive turn-based game, which is available for iOS and Android, lets you draw items of varying difficulty for your friends to guess and vice versa.

The game reached more than 20 million downloads in its first five weeks and tops the download charts for both free and paid apps. It also caught the eye of Zynga, as the social-networking-games company snatched up OMGPOP, the creator of Draw Something, for around $200 million this week.

It's not all that different from Pictionary, so you might be wondering what the big deal is. For me, the fun is watching my friends' sketches come to life and seeing how they choose to interpret the clue. As much I stink at it, I also have a blast drawing myself. The Draw Something craze has hit other CNET editors, too, and it turns out we've got some pretty talented artists in our midst. You can check out some of their masterpieces in the photo gallery below, but now it's your turn.

As we've already seen from your Instagram photos, you guys have mad skills, and we want to highlight your talents again, so we're looking to put together a gallery of Crave readers' Draw Something creations.

To submit your drawing, send an e-mail to crave [at] cnet dot com with the subject "Draw Something" along with a screenshot, your full name (first and last), and location. The cut off for submissions will be Tuesday, March 27 at noon PT, and then we'll publish some of our favorites in a gallery later next week. We've even got two cool prizes--one game-related, another art-related--for the creator of our very favorite drawing.

We're looking forward to seeing all of your sketches!