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​Drake tops Spotify's 2016 most-streamed lists

Also, Witch House is an up-and-coming genre

Not this drake, the other Drake.
Getty Images/WIN-Initiative RM

Spotify just released its 2016 annual top lists, calculating the most popular albums, songs, styles and artists of the year. Drake won big, with 4.7 billion streams.

Drake topped the most-streamed list for the second year in a row, followed by Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Twenty One Pilots and Kanye West. Drake is also the all-time most-streamed artist on Spotify, with 8.7 billion streams.

Top breakout artist? ZAYN.

Most streamed track? "One Dance," by Drake.

Most streamed album? "Views," by Drake.

"One Dance" also made it as Spotify's Top Breakup Song. The top sex song, if you're curious, was "Sex" by Cheat Codes and Kriss Kross Amsterdam.

The emerging genres of 2016 include Ambient Fusion, Witch House, Indie Emo, Underground Latin Hip Hop, Baile Funk, Dangdut, Hoerspiel, Speed Garage, Brazilian Gospel and World Meditation. Just to get you prepared for your 2017 playlist ideas.

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