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Drag and drop files around your Mac with ease with Yoink

Yoink acts as a convenient way station that eases the dragging-and-dropping process on your Mac.

My primary work computer is a 13-inch non-Retina MacBook Pro. I don't pretend I'm slumming it on such a machine, but the display can begin to feel cramped by the middle of the day when I have lots of apps running and windows open. I often find myself resizing windows, particularly when I want to drag a file from one location to drop it in another. With Mac app Yoink, I have a convenient way station where I can stash files when moving them to and fro.

Yoink is currently on sale as part of Two Dollar Tuesday. Also, on the developer's Web site, there is a free 15-day trial, but by the time the trial ends, Yoink will be back at its regular $3.99 price.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

After Yoink installs, it places an icon in your menu bar and hides along the left edge of your display. When you start dragging a file or folder, Yoink helpfully slides out a small panel from the edge of your screen, providing a temporary spot to drop your files. You can then drag the files from Yoink to another folder or application. It's particularly helpful if you frequently use full-screen apps. You can drag all manner of file to it, links and images from a Web browser, and even items from a stack in your Dock.

If you highlight multiple files and drag them into Yoink's panel, it keeps them as a stack. You can click on a button to the right of the stack in Yoink to spread out the files in Yoink for individual dragging and dropping from Yoink. Using the Command key, you can also highlight multiple files in Yoink to move.

You can remove a file from Yoink by clicking on the X button to its right, and there is also a preview button for each file. Clicking on the broom icon in the bottom-right corner sweeps out all files from Yoink's panel.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

In Yoink's preferences, you can select the location of Yoink's helpful panel. By default, it appears in the center of the left edge, but you can move it to the top or bottom of the left edge or the right edge. You can also tell Yoink to ignore certain apps, if its behavior interrupts your workflow in a particular application. You can also choose a keyboard shortcut to show and hide Yoink's panel. In advanced preferences, you can choose whether items dragged out of Yoink stay or go, and you can also tell it whether or not to combine multiple files in a stack.