Download and back up your Google Voice data

Google Takeout now lets you back up voicemail messages, text messages, and forwarding numbers from Google Voice. Export your data with this quick tip.

Sharon Profis Vice President of Content
Sharon Profis is a vice president of content.
Sharon Profis

As a part of Google's "data liberation" project, which aims to let you take ownership of your online data, your Google Voice account can now be backed up onto your hard drive.

Using Google Takeout, "voicemail messages are exported as MP3s, text messages as microformatted HTML, and forwarding numbers as a vcard", Google announced on its official blog.

Check out the screenshots, and easy instructions below.

Download and back up your Google Voice data (screenshots)

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  • Log into your Google account, and head to Google.com/Takeout. Select the "Choose services" tab.

  • Click the "Voice" button (and any other services you want to back up). Once loading is complete, click "Create Archive".
  • Press "Download" next to the data you want to export. You'll be asked to sign in again, and when you do, your download will begin immediately.