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Dopey karaoke?

It's not just for the Japanese anymore. You can sing karaoke from the comfort of your home--all you need is an iPod.

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DoPi Karaoke

With a name like DoPi Karaoke, it's hard to resist poking a little fun. But if you're really into karaoke--or know someone who is--this system could make a decent gift. Actually, you don't even need to purchase any of DoPi's hardware to take advantage of the site's karaoke music store; all you need is a video-capable iPod or any other MP3 player that supports MPEG-4 files (though, obviously, a decent-size screen is preferable). The store has hundreds of video files that offer the instrumental versions of popular karaoke songs along with synchronized lyrics. Each song costs a reasonable $1.99, not unlike iTunes music videos.

Of course, if you want the full karaoke experience, DoPi offers a couple of hardware solutions that let you share the tunes. The first is the DoPi Karaoke System ($59.95), which comes with a microphone, a karaoke mixer/converter, and cables for hooking the system up to your TV and sound system. Duets are also possible thanks to dual mic inputs, and an echo-effect feature ensures hours (er, OK, maybe minutes) of fun. Or you could go all out and spring for the $1,800 DoPi Karaoke "All In One" Station, which includes the aforementioned System along with a tripod kiosk, a 19-inch LCD monitor, an extra mic, a book with song and artist listings, and--the pièce de résistance--a 30GB iPod with 500 preloaded karaoke songs. If you're considering buying one of these for your bar, DoPi even includes an iPod lock for theft prevention.

(Photo: DoPi Karaoke)