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Doooom! 'Invader Zim' returns as a Nickelodeon TV movie

All our alien invasion dreams are coming true.

The excitable extraterrestrial Zim from the Planet Irk is back to conquer Earth and enslave the human race.

The 2001 animated series "Invader Zim" is being reprised in the form of a television movie on Nickelodeon, its original network. The movie will feature the series's beloved characters, including Zim and his robotic companion GIR. Dib, a human nemesis, and his sarcastic sister Gaz will also be part of the movie.

The original members of the voice cast -- Richard Horvitz (Zim), Rikki Simons (GIR), Andy Berman (Dib) and Melissa Fahn (Gaz) -- will also return for the 90-minute movie. So will the show's creator Jhonen Vasquez.

The "Invader Zim" TV movie follows the "perpetually desperate and delusional Zim as he creates a new and potentially Earth-destroying plan to finally get the attention he deserves from his Irken leaders, the Almighty Tallest," according to Nickelodeon.

Alien Zim and his sidekick GIR will take over the world again in a new "Invader Zim" TV movie.


A video posted by Nick Animation on April 4, which continues to trend on YouTube, heralded the show's return in the best way possible: Zim threatening the world.

"People of Earth, did you really think you'd seen the last of me? Don't you know an invader never stops until his mission is complete?" he growls. "I've been watching you...waiting. And soon your world will be mine!"

Of course, no threat from Zim is complete without his pal GIR interrupting with an adorable giggle and a comment making fun of Zim's voice.

No official word yet from Nickelodeon on the exact air date, but fans might want to follow the show's creator on Twitter in case he decides to drop a few hints.

"Turns out I've been working on this for almost a year now," Vasquez tweeted on Tuesday. "Oh, meeeee!!"

Fans of other animated TV shows from the '90s and '00s will be happy to hear that "Invader Zim" isn't the only series being resurrected by Nickelodeon. Both "Hey Arnold" and "Rocko's Modern Life" are scheduled for a reboot.

Fingers crossed for "Aaahh!!! Real Monsters" too.

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