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Don't trust this lipstick-applying robot with your face

A mini factory-style robot arm tries its mechanical hand at applying makeup. The results aren't pretty.

Lipstick robot
A lipstick-applying robot probably won't help you win any beauty pageants.
Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Robots can entertain your cat, make you cocktails and battle for your amusement. But they can also be massive jerks.

Maker Simone Giertz programmed a uArm robot and unwisely gave it an open tube of lipstick to apply to her face. The uArm is essentially a miniature version of an industrial robot arm like you see in car factories.

A video of the results, posted Friday, is a mere 6 seconds long, but that's all you need to see to know that lipstick-applying robots won't be making it into your local Sephora anytime soon.

Giertz describes herself as a robotics enthusiast, non-engineer and expert in crummy robots. She also keeps her cool in the face of a misbehaving machine. Her biggest concern about the lipstick-bot seems to be whether the bright red color goes with her skin tone.

That last time we caught up with Giertz, she was experimenting with what might be the world's most obnoxious alarm clock: a face-slapping robot that mercilessly paws at your head to get you out of bed. She even shared the build process so you could join in the misery if you really wanted to.

The only thing that could be worse is if Giertz combined the face-slapping robot with the lipstick-applying robot to create an evil super-machine bent on both waking you up and making you look like the Joker on a bad day.