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Don't lie down on this computer-parts carpet

Federico Uribe's whimsical electronic-parts carpet takes you on a ride in repurposing objects. Just keep your Roomba away.

Thousands of computer and other parts went into Uribe's carpet.
Pipe Yanguas

If you laid out all the electronics components you've ever owned on the floor, what would it look like?

Maybe something along the lines of Federico Uribe's "Tapete" (carpet). It's fashioned out of thousands of discarded computer and other electronics components.

The Miami-based conceptual artist uses objects from daily life in sculptures that evoke animals, plants, and human figures.

His work "Everybody Gets Screwed," for instance, features busts of people including Marylin Monroe made out of all manner of screws.

"Garden on Gardening Tools," meanwhile features trees and plants made of shovels, rakes, and trowels.

In his carpet piece, Uribe made use of cables, motherboards, fans, keyboard keys, phone connectors, CDs, and at least one Dell mouse. Check out more photos in the gallery below.

"Every object has a meaning, every word has a meaning," Uribe says in an interview shot during his exhibition The World According to Federico Uribe. "But you can stretch this meaning if you put this object in a different context, the same way you put a word in a different context and create poetry."

(Via This Is Colossal)