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UFO fan spots Donald Trump's face in Mars rock

Donald Trump might want to release a copy of his birth certificate after an alien enthusiast discovers a rendition of his face and famous hair in a Mars rock.

Trump on Mars?
Is this a monument to Trump on Mars? Nope.
NASA/red circle added by Amanda Kooser/CNET

If imaginative alien hunters are to be believed, then Mars is home to much more than just a bunch of reddish dust, rocks and exotic landscapes.

It's also a world stocked with Sasquatch skulls, ancient gods, fish and crab monsters. Now it looks like it might even be home to a US presidential candidate. There's a rock on Mars that looks an awful lot like the head of Republican nominee Donald Trump, complete with his enthusiastic hairdo.

Scott C. Waring of UFO Sightings Daily, a blog dedicated to alien theories and flying saucer-shaped clouds, wonders if Trump might have some alien origins or an alien connection. He considers the rock might be a purposeful monument to the businessman, hand-crafted (or tentacle-crafted?) by appreciative aliens on the distant planet. More likely, it's just another wonderful moment of pareidolia, the human tendency to assign a familiar pattern to a random shape.

The rock is found in an image taken by NASA's Opportunity rover, which has been exploring the Mars landscape since 2004. The rover snapped the photo during Sol 2010, which corresponds to 2009 on Earth. Waring released news of his discovery over the weekend. Now eagle-eyed UFO fans will have to keep a lookout for Hillary Clinton. If there are aliens on Mars, they're probably nonpartisan.