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Trump loses his voice... mail

A group of youngsters intending to prank call the Republican presidential candidate end up changing his voice mail password and message, according to Gawker.

Hackers claim to have gotten into Donald Trump's voice mail.
Salwan Georges,

The weird never stops for Donald Trump.

The Republican front-runner boasted of the impressive size of his penis during a debate Thursday night. He didn't prove the statements, though they served to underscore the increasingly absurd nature of the presidential race.

On Friday morning, the world of the Donald did the seemingly impossible. It got wackier.

A group of young hackers accessed Trump's voice mail and changed his password and outgoing message, according to Gawker. They even provided the publication 35 voice mail messages intended for the GOP candidate, including one from New England Patriots quarterback and alleged Trump supporter Tom Brady.

Gawker said the recordings "appear to be genuine," though it was unable to independently verify their authenticity.

The Trump campaign didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

Trump certainly wouldn't be the first politician to fall victim to hackers while on the campaign trail. In 2012, GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney's personal email was hacked. Four years earlier, hackers broke into vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin's Yahoo email account.

The hackers apparently started by trying to leave a prank message for Trump, a member of the group told Gawker. One of the hackers claimed the group was prompted to log in to his voice mail inbox after hitting random buttons. After failing to enter the correct password, they were transferred to Verizon customer service.

The group was apparently able to convince a Verizon rep to reset Trump's password by claiming they had "recently purchased a new phone," the hacker told Gawker.

Verizon has no information to corroborate the report, according to spokesman David Samberg.

The voice mails given to Gawker apparently were left by a wide range of people, including MSNBC's Joe Scarborough, political strategist David Axelrod and likely random citizens.

After his phone number was published by Gawker last year, Trump encouraged people to give him a call and listen to a campaign message. The hacker claimed to have changed Trump's outgoing message, according to Gawker, and posted a video with the new recording.

As of this writing, Trump's number just plays a standard message and says the voice mail is full.

Since launching his presidential campaign, the real estate magnate and TV personality has had a mixed relationship with technology. Trump has established his dominance on social media and become the inspiration for some of the best memes of all time.

At the same time, his comments about banning Muslims from US spurred hacking collective Anonymous to declare war. He's also managed to get into a feud with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and come out against Apple and much of the tech community in the debate over device encryption.