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Trump pokes Amazon over 'internet taxes'

Commentary: After the Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post accuses Trump golf resorts of displaying fake Time magazine covers, the president lays into Amazon.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

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The president is livid at Amazon.


Donald Trump sometimes uses Twitter to offer swift reactions on matters of national importance.

On Wednesday, his target of scorn was Amazon and its corporate cousin, the Washington Post. He tweeted:

"The #AmazonWashingtonPost, sometimes referred to as the guardian of Amazon not paying internet taxes (which they should) is FAKE NEWS!"

I confess I've never heard the Washington Post being referred to as "the guardian of Amazon not paying internet taxes." I also confess to never having heard of "internet taxes."

It could be the president meant sales tax. Which Amazon does collect now.

What, though, could have driven Trump to such ire at this particular moment? It's true he's used Twitter to attack the Washington Post, owned by Amazon boss Jeff Bezos. But why again on Wednesday?

One guess is that the president is upset that on Tuesday, the Post accused several Trump-owned golf resorts of hanging on their walls a Time magazine cover featuring Trump. A fake Time magazine cover, that is. Which, some might feel, would slip it into the category of fake news.

Neither the Washington Post, Amazon nor the White House responded to a request for comment.

Bezos, it should be noted, is among the tech leaders who've attended the president's Trump summits. One might wonder whether Wednesday's tweet suggests that any potential relationship between the two men would be more strained.

That might be especially irksome for Bezos, as he seeks to complete the purchase of Whole Foods, an arrangement that some say may have antitrust ramifications.

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