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Donald Trump hurls more hissy-tweets at Megyn Kelly

Technically Incorrect: If you thought Twitter couldn't resemble high school any more than it already does, Donald Trump would like to (dis)abuse you.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Donald Trump cannot seem to stop himself when it comes to Megyn Kelly. Fox News/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

I thought this had all been settled.

I thought we could look forward to new level of civilization on Twitter.

Instead, Donald Trump just can't help tweeting at the woman who had the gross affrontery to ask him reasonable questions. By wondering whether his bluster really does pass muster, Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly has now become the leading Republican's bogeywoman.

Trump can be something of a late-night tweeter. Where does he find the energy?

On Monday night, he mused: ".@megynkelly must have had a terrible vacation, she is really off her game. Was afraid to confront Dr. Cornel West. No clue on immigration!"

This he followed with: "I liked The Kelly File much better without @megynkelly. Perhaps she could take another eleven day unscheduled vacation!"

He even retweeted someone else's observation that Kelly was a "bimbo."

Should some young people have buried you in the sand for the past month or so, you may not know that in the first Republican debate Kelly asked Trump about some of the quite putrid ways he's referred to women in the past.

She reminded him: "You've called women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals."

She wondered, quite understandably, whether this reflected a president's temperament. Trump huffed live. But then he drifted to Twitter before he drifted off to sleep. He suggested she'd "bombed."

Some might think that she'd bombed Trump out of his boorish bunker.

It seemed, though, that Trump and Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes had kissed and hugged without smudging their makeup.

This may no longer be the case.

So now we can look forward to -- or dread, depending on your perspective -- Kelly maintaining her dignity while Trump behaves like a school bully scorned. On Twitter, that is.

Trump clearly believes that Twitter's immediacy and newsiness gives him the perfect stage upon which to unleash his eloquence.

The question, of course, that some won't wish to ask themselves is this: What if it works?

What if the refusal to apologize, the insistence on melding the certainty of one's views with the shallowest areas of the teenage lexicon represents exactly the kind of president many Americans want?

And what if Trump represents for the majority a Statue of Liberty? Oh wait, that can't be right. She's an old bore -- and, for all we know, an illegal immigrant.