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Twitter sums up testy Trump press conference via #ShorterTrump

Overwhelmed by all the politics in the air this week? We found the hashtag for you.

There's an awful lot of politics to process this week, with confirmation hearings on Capitol Hill for President-Elect Trump's cabinet nominees, chatter President Obama may reduce Chelsea Manning's sentence and Trump's first press conference in many months.

Fortunately Twitter always has brevity in mind, and as Wednesday's testy press conference wrapped up, the hashtag #ShorterTrump briefly rocketed to the top of the platform's trending-topics list.

During the question and answer session, Trump excoriated CNN and BuzzFeed for publishing details of unsubstantiated and salacious rumors about him. He also discussed handing his business over to his two sons and talked about defending against hacking. Thousands of Twitter users did their best to sum up what the Donald had to say, often with tongue planted firmly in cheek.

And as usual, a GIF leaves the strongest impression.