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Donald Trump posts Independence Day deepfake on Twitter, and Bill Pullman responds

The deepfake video had Trump making an inspirational speech from the movie Independence Day.


Over the weekend Donald Trump re-posted a deep fake meme video on Twitter, initially created by Twitter account "Mad "ObamaGate" Liberals".  

The deepfake video takes a famous monologue from the movie Independence Day, and replaces Bill Pullman -- the actor playing Thomas J. Whitmore, the fictional US President -- with Donald Trump. In Independence Day, Pullman's character makes the inspiring speech just before a final battle with invading aliens from outer space. 

Essentially we've got Bill Pullman's voice making the speech with Donald Trump's face superimposed over the top.

Folks in the crowd are also replaced with some familiar faces like Sean Hannity and Ivanka Trump. Even Ted Cruz makes an appearance. It's... bizarre. But this is the internet in 2020. 

Pullman didn't criticise the President directly, but didn't approve.

"My voice belongs to no one but me, and I'm not running for president — this year," he said said in response, in a statement sent to The Hollywood Reporter.

Other members of the Independence Day were a little more pointed.

In a message written in all-caps, Vivaca Fox called it "TYPICAL POS BEHAVIOR".

The Mad Liberals YouTube account has made plenty of deepfake videos starring Trump. One casts Trump as Superman, with Robert Mueller as General Zod. 

Representatives of Bill Pullman didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.