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Donald Trump 'live-tweets' SNL sketch because Donald Trump

Technically Incorrect: The much-anticipated appearance of the leading Republican candidate on America's most famous comedy show wasn't too much of an actual appearance. Social media did some of the work for him.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.


The true depth of spontaneous thought.

SNL/Hulu screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

As the strongest candidates rise above those who are in it just to make a little money, it's clear that social media will play a powerful role in electing the next US president.

Of all the great pretenders, Republican Donald Trump believes that Twitter is one of his great differentiators.

He uses it to express his forthright views, without favor or filter. Although occasionally a (perhaps non-existent) intern takes to the Twitter tiller with disastrous results.

On Saturday night, Trump appeared on America's most renowned comedy sketch show, SNL. His stint as host was, however, not much of an appearance. He may have been on screen for as little as 11 largely anodyne minutes.

He didn't miss the chance, though, to show America his fine, spontaneous tweeting skills.

Announcing that he was really far too busy to rehearse for one particular sketch, Trump decided to contribute in the way he knows best: He "live-tweeted" it.

You will be stunned into launching your own last-minute presidential campaign when I tell you that Trump's mock tweets enjoyed their usual perfect pithiness.

For example: "This sketch is not funny. @tarankillam is a dumb loser." This over castmember Taran Killam playing a nice man from Ohio. (No, not John Kasich.)

Trump followed this deeply considered thought with one about another castmember: "Cecily Strong is not funny." Should you have missed Trump's TV review columns (and tweets) over the years, they're hilarious.

And so it went on.

Of castmember Kenan Thompson, the man who will make America great again mused that there was doubt about his birth certificate (Thompson is black). He followed this with: "Sorry folks but add a 'y' to 'Kenan' and you get 'Kenyan.'"

As a finale, we had the routine deportation joke and an "I love the blacks" tweet.

Trump said in his monologue that he was on the show because he could take a joke. Perhaps he can take one better than, say a serious question about the things he's said about women in the past. That can incite some very upset tweets.

And so the Twitter-TV simulcast becomes the latest medium for examining the former "Apprentice" host's candidacy. Is he serious? Yes. Is he really serious? Well, no.

Is this America? Most definitely.