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Trump and Clinton guilty of rhymes in 'Bad Lip Reading' debate

Transforming a presidential debate into a poetry slam is as easy as swapping out the audio track, sitting back and watching as the candidates kick out the jams.

Have you ever thought how much better the presidential debates between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump could have been if only there were completely different words coming out of the candidates' mouths? The YouTube kings at Bad Lip Reading deliver once again by transforming the second, town hall debate into a poetry slam that's surprisingly civil and almost literary.

The fake over-dubs include Clinton's lyrical rendition of the original poem "Because Zombies" and Trump regaling the crowd with "Mike the Merry Cricket."

While previous "Bad Lip Reading" episodes have relied largely on straight-up silliness and absolute absurdity, this installment is among the most coherent and, dare I say, artistic yet. Trump gives a moving faux performance of "My Garden," which actually seems straight out of an overwrought poetry slam rather than as satirical one.

There are a few other familiar characters as well. Remember that fly that landed on Hillary? It's back and it brought some friends. And yes, Ken Bone also makes an appearance, only to be skewered more than either of the candidates. Sorry, K-Bone.

Check out the whole thing in the embed above and prepare to have the words to Clinton's funky "Stealthily Bobby" stuck in your head.