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Trump quote sparks rise of the 'fine tuned' machines on Twitter

Who even knew there were so many GIFs of crashing and exploding machines in the world?

Twitter knows a new meme when it sees one, and President Donald Trump's Thursday press conference produced a fine-tuned one.

"There's zero chaos," Trump said of his administration. "This is a fine-tuned machine."

Start your fine-tuned engine if you see what's coming.

The jokes flew as if they were shot out of a fine-tuned machine gun. From out-of-control sideline carts to the infamous Blue Screen of Death, every machine that's ever had a bad day seemed to make an appearance.

If there was a favorite fine-tuned machine, it was probably a train going off the rails.

Whatever is going on in Washington, at least America's online joke-makers are as fine-tuned as any in the world.

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