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Trump claims Google, Facebook, Twitter hid Clinton email news

Technically Incorrect: In an assertion not linked to evidence, the Republican nominee suggests that social media companies are in on a fix against him.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Well, that is news.

screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

It was time.

There was a need for a new controversy that would entice the media.

Why not make it about the media?

Perhaps, though, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has tired of finger-pointing at the press corps alone.

So on Sunday, he widened his telescopic lens. In a tweet, he offered this simple assertion: "Wow, Twitter, Google and Facebook are burying the FBI criminal investigation of Clinton. Very dishonest media!"

Social media's in on the rigging too? That's terrible.

The only kink in this tweet is that it was unsupported by anything that might be considered evidence.

I noticed the Clinton emails trending on Twitter at the weekend. CNN's Brian Stelter observed that the FBI investigation was at the top of Google News on Sunday.

With Facebook, it's a little harder to tell as its news feed is geared to each individual's habits. However, I've yet to hear an outcry that Facebookers are missing the big news.

The Trump campaign didn't respond to a request for evidence.

Google, Facebook and Twitter declined comment.

I'm also reminded of this Trump tweet from just last month: "The #1 trend on Twitter right now is #TrumpWon -- thank you!"

We're left, then, with a wow that may not carry much pow, save with Trump's own supporters, among whom is Facebook board member Peter Thiel.

Still, we've left the fact lane and are hurtling down the anything-goes autobahn in our attempt to elect a president.

Twitterers either supported Trump's latest assertion or wondered why he hadn't released his tax returns or asked how he felt about sexual-assault allegations against him.

Perhaps the most sanguine response on Twitter came from Matt Peterson: "@realdonaldtrump Damn, it's a miracle your tweet even managed to get through to us."

First published October 31 at 7:21 a.m. PT.
Update, 9:25 a.m. PT: Adds responses from Google and Facebook.