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Get fired up with candles that smell like Trump, Putin, Trudeau

Ooh, burn. Sniff the scent of global power in these candles sold on Etsy. Trump's version even has hair.

The Donald Trump candle even comes with hair.

Long for the scent of power? You can come close with three candles sold by etsy's JDandKateIndustries shop, and they're global to boot.

The Donald Trump candle comes complete with a toupee topper that resembles the US president-elect's famous hairdo. Even the wording describing the candle sounds as if it comes straight from a campaign speech.

"We've made a great, great candle," the site boasts. "It combines all of the classiest smells (suntan lotion and steak) to produce an aroma that is tremendous. ("To be clear, by 'tremendous' we mean 'large in scale or intensity.' We are not claiming that it smells good.")

And if size matters to you when it comes to political joke candles, have no fear. "The Trump-Scented Candle may look small in the photo, but we guarantee you there's no problem," the copy reads. "We guarantee."

But perhaps you're Russian to get a candle that features less hair and more shirtlessness. The Vladimir Putin candle may be your new Eastern Bloc best friend.

"The Putin-Scented Candle combines notes of pine, earth and smoke billowing from the cities of your enemies," the copy reads. "It is a manly fragrance, designed to evoke the essence of Vladimir Putin and eliminate the smell of political dissidents from your home."

Now if neither of those appeal, you've got one final choice, eh? Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's come-hither smile decorates a candle that "blends the rich scent of chai tea (because he drinks tea) with maple (because Canada)."

For some reason, the Trudeau candle comes with a temporary tattoo, and can be ordered wickless.

"If candles are prohibited in your dorm/office/firehouse/etc., upon request we will make you a candle without a wick," the site copy notes. "We are not kidding and we have done this before. The candle still smells pretty strong, Justin Trudeau still looks pretty handsome, and the temporary tattoo will still work as an icebreaker when you say 'Hey you! Stop looking at my Justin Trudeau tattoo!'"

The candles, whatever politician you choose to light on fire, cost $18.50 apiece (£14.54, AU$24.81).

(Via Holy Kaw)