Sci-fi director imagines Trump's over-the-top limo, plane

Neill Blomkamp has created two short films imagining a presidential motorcade and a redesigned Air Force One fit for a president-elect who appreciates gold plating.

It's no secret that President-elect Donald Trump has a fondness for gold. Just take a peek at his penthouse home in New York's Trump Tower.

Leave it up to sci-fi director Neill Blomkamp to create the proper presidential transportation for the 45th president. Blomkamp uploaded two short films through his OatsStudios YouTube channel late last week showing exaggerated versions of the president's limo and airplane.

Blomkamp is known for movies such as "District 9," "Elysium" and an upcoming "Alien" project. He turned his ample imagination toward creating a Trump limo decked out in sparkling gold with chariot-style flair. There's a massive eagle on the front, huge wings extending from the back and a woman's figure, arm raised, leading the charge as a life-size hood ornament.

Blomkamp's concept for Air Force One includes a massive presidential seal, large guns attached at the front and a curved glass greenhouse stretching the length of the plane. A forest of palm trees extends upward beneath the glass.

It's too bad Blomkamp's ideas will never become reality. That plane looks like a sweet ride.