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Domino's dashes dreams of pizza delivery by reindeer

Domino's Japan will transport pizzas by scooter dressed as reindeer rather than actual reindeer after failing to train the animals in proper delivery etiquette.

This is a close as we'll get to reindeer.
Domino's Japan

Holiday hopes soared in November when Domino's Japan announced it was considering using reindeer to deliver pizzas to customers in the snowy northern reaches of the country. We dreamed of a worldwide rollout of shaggy sled-pulling reindeer prancing up to our porches with hot pizzas.

But it was not to be. On Thursday, Domino's Japan gave up on reindeer pizza deliveries. Let us all cry into our hot cocoa and mourn what could have been.

At least Domino's was totally dedicated to the stunt. A video shows reindeer trainers and Domino's workers attempting to corral the recalcitrant beasts on a test track while trying out a delivery saddle and a delivery sled. It doesn't go well.

Domino's clearly had an inkling the whole reindeer thing wasn't going to work because it already had some reindeer-theme delivery bikes ready to go instead. The scooters are decked out with reindeer antlers and plush reindeer snouts on the front. The company even thought to attach fuzzy haunches and a tail.

The scooters don't have the same magical "wow" factor of seeing a real reindeer, but they are pretty cute. Sometimes you ask Santa for a Ferrari and all you get is a Hot Wheels car.