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Dungeons & Dragons art goes to the dogs

Humans aren't the only ones who like to befriend wizards, battle dragons and drink mead with dwarves. Man's best friend gets in on the elf-bonding action in this awesome art tribute to dogs, dice and D&D.

It's ruff being a dog dungeon master. Redbubble

Poker and billiards can't hold a canine's attention these days. But throw in some d20 dice and give them an epic quest, and your dog would gladly fetch a magic wand or two in Dungeons & Dragons.

This high-resolution reproduction of original oil painting called "Dogs Playing D&D" is created by Monochrom art collective founder Johannes Grenzfurthner with game designer Heather Kelley.

The art is an updated version of the famous "Dogs Playing Poker" painting by C. M. Coolidge, which was originally created as part of series in the early 1900s to advertise cigars.

"It's about time the notorious gaming dogs got something relevant to play," Grenzfurthner wrote on "Watch closely as they roll dice, check stats, and of course, eat snacks! Did we mention they love Vallejo?"

Look closely at the painting and you'll see not only this pack of dogs playing the popular RPG tabletop game but subtle nods to gamers and their habits like a bottle of Mountain Dew and a bag of Cheetos.

There's even a barely dressed female fantasy character posing on a unicorn. Plus the Space Invaders baseball cap baseball cap resting on top one of the dog's head is a nice touch.