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In New York City, Star Wars tops Star Trek for dog names

Vader, Luke, Starlord and Samsung all make the list on an interactive data map showing the names of licensed dogs in New York City.

There are 97 dogs named Loki in New York City.
Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Want your dog to stand out from the crowd of New York City pooches? Don't name it Bella or Max. You can also skip Coco, Lola, Rocky, Charlie, Princess and Lucky. The New York City Health Department is offering a fascinating look at its database of dog names collected from pooch licenses.

The interactive map lets you explore with your mouse or search for specific names. Larger bubbles stand for more popular names. You also get to see exactly how many licensed pups sport a particular moniker.

There are 1,195 dogs named Bella and 1,153 named Max. But the weird, obscure and funny names interest me most. A random cruise through the data shows there are three pups named Froggy, three named Koala and two named Elephant.

Let's head into some geekier territory. There are no licensed dogs named Darth, but 19 NYC canines sport the name Vader. Fortunately, there are 99 Lukes, a single Skywalker and 28 pups named Leia available to battle the forces of the doggy dark side.

Star Trek doesn't fare quiet as well, with just seven dogs named Spock, one Kirk, one Picard, two Rikers and one Chekov. That's still enough pooches to crew a shuttlecraft.

If you haven't gotten your fill of dog-name data, then you can also check out the city's unique dog names map which shows unusual names that are more popular in a specific neighborhood compared to city-wide. There's an area in The Bronx where "Bubbles" is popular.

These data sets might inspire you to spend a little more time coming up with your puppy's name, whether or not you live in New York City.

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