Does your Mac need a special mouse?

We round up mice designed for your MacBook or Mac Desktop.

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Dan Ackerman
The Targus Bluetooth Mouse for Macs.

To be totally honest, mice are generally platform-agnostic devices. Pretty much any USB, wireless, or Bluetooth mouse will work on both PCs and Macs. That, of course, doesn't stop savvy marketers from designing products with an Apple-inspired look and feel. These are some of the MacBook-themed mice we've checked out this year.

Targus, known as a top-notch accessory maker of mice, bags, and other computer add-ons, released a whole line of Mac-themed mice shortly after the new MacBook revisions hit (even though the latest MacBooks are all aluminum, white is still the universal Mac color in many minds). Both the standard wireless USB and Bluetooth versions are comfortable, full-sized mice, and both have a unique feature in the small dime-sized round optical sensor that sits between the two mouse buttons in place of a traditional scroll wheel. Targus calls the concept "four-way touch scroll," and its functionality is similar to that of a trackball.

The Macally Pebble.

Meanwhile, Macally focuses almost exclusively on Apple accessories, from iPod cases to keyboards. We liked the Pebble Wireless Laser Mouse because of its unusual design and battery compartment hidey-hole for the USB receiver. The Turtle and Accuglide mice may have been a little more laptop-friendly in size, but both were wired mice (remember the last time you used one of those?) and had few standout features to recommend.

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