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Does ex-Apple exec Scott Forstall know he's the face of NY college?

For reasons that don't seem entirely magical or revolutionary, the City College of New York is featuring Scott Forstall's face in its ads. Joke? Life change?

He's accepted there, just not at Apple.
Don Lehman/Twitter screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

If I'd been paid a fortune to leave a corporation, I fancy I'd focus on the loose concept of "enjoying myself."

This, by some accounts, is precisely what Scott Forstall has done since he was relieved of his duties as Apple's senior vice president of iOS in late 2012.

However, thanks to a captivating photograph posted to the Twitter account of designer Don Lehman, it appears that Forstall's face is being used to promote the City College of New York.

Though Cult of Mac tells me that this picture was taken at a sandwich shop near the campus, it has several iterations, such as on the CCNY Web site.

As the images reveal, Forstall's face accompanies the name Jonathan A. Anderson. Surely he can't have registered to study, say, management under an assumed name.

Moreover, why would he use his old Apple image to do it?

I have a chilly feeling that someone, somewhere might be having something of a laugh.

I have contacted CCNY to ask whether Forstall has a relationship with the school that's been hidden from public sight. Until now, that is.

I feel sure that Jony Ive, with whom Forstall allegedly didn't have the most warm-bosomed relationship, cannot have been behind this apparent ruse.

The layout just doesn't feel right. And the colors, well, they're all over the place aren't they? And as for all those different typefaces, oh, no.

If this image was used without permission, I worry for CCNY.

It could well be that Apple owns this shot, and there is rarely a time when Apple's lawyers might be described as being asleep.

And here he is on the CCNY Web site. Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET