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'Doctor Who'/'Hunger Games' mashup is a bloody good time

Thirteen Doctors. Only one can survive. What will happen when "Doctor Who" enters the "Hunger Games" arena?

The Doctor Games logo
The Doctor Games is brutal.
Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

It's a simple premise. All the Doctors, including new Doctor Peter Capaldi and the War Doctor, are brought together in an outdoor arena. Only one Doctor will be allowed to leave in the Tardis. Welcome to the "The Doctor Games."

In this bizarre alternate world where both Mockingjays and the Master co-exist, the Daleks round up all the incarnations of the Doctor, deposit them in a forest clearing and, let them duke it out "Battle Royale"-style.

The weapons and supply cache in the middle of the arena is stocked with very Doctor-y items like an incredibly long scarf, sonic screwdrivers, jelly babies, a question-mark umbrella, a fez, and a laser gun. Of course, there's bottled water, too, in case the Time Lords get thirsty.

Before you watch the video, you should go ahead and place your bets on who you think the finalists will be.

Spoilers: the fourth Doctor takes one of his other incarnations out by snapping his neck with his scarf; the fifth Doctor's celery stick becomes a deadly weapon; and one of the Doctors gets both of his hearts forcibly removed.

I have to give kudos to the impressively accurate fourth Doctor costume, right down to the checks on the shirt. In fact, all of the Doctors are extremely well-costumed.

The parody video promotes itself as "the motion picture event of all time and space." The tagline reads, "No regenerations and no timey-wimey." Just be sure you're cool with lots of spurting fake blood before you hit play.