'Doctor Who' audiobooks get the Humble Bundle treatment

Pay what you like -- well, at least $1 -- for "Doctor Who" and "Torchwood" audiobooks, while you support a nonprofit called Children in Need.

Travel without a Tardis with these "Doctor Who" audiobooks.
Humble Bundle

An adventure in space and time awaits in a Humble Bundle promotion for the "Doctor Who: Destiny of the Doctor" and "Torchwood" audiobooks.

Humble Bundle promotions let you name your price for games and books, with some proceeds typically going to support charity, in this case Children in Need. This promotion ends March 21.

Customers pay $1 (about 80 pence, AU$1.36) or more to receive the first six of the 11 audiobooks in "Doctor Who: Destiny of the Doctor."

This first tier also includes the "Doctor Who: Legacy" game, with a code to unlock favorite Doctors and costumes.

The seventh "Destiny of the Doctor" story is included in the next tier for those who pay $8 (about £7 or AU$11) or more. Six of "The Eighth Doctor Adventures" audiobooks are included as well.

The top tier adds the rest of the "Destiny of the Doctor" audiobooks, "Torchwood: The Conspiracy," "Torchwood: Fall to Earth," "Torchwood: Forgotten Lives" and "Doctor Who: The Churchill Years, Volume 1."

Without the deal, purchasing the audiobooks separately would cost about $410 (about £337 or AU$545). Everything is DRM-free and available in MP3 and FLAC formats, meaning you can listen to the book anytime, anywhere.

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