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'Doctor Who' fans petition to light Empire State Building in Tardis-blue

"Doctor Who" fans place a formal request to light up the Empire State Building in a Tardis shade of blue for the show's 50th anniversary.

Empire State Building
The Empire State Building at night.

The timeless Time Lord is about to turn 50 in Earth years, and fans across the globe are gearing up to celebrate. Dedicated Whovians are doing more than tuning into a BBC special show and knitting really long scarves. They're also trying to convince the Empire State Building to light up in a Tardis shade of blue on November 23.

The movement is led by New York SciFi & Fantasy, a fan organization for all things science fiction and fantasy. The group already submitted a formal special lighting request to the Empire State Building, but figured a fan petition would only help the cause.

The petition is gathering signature at with a goal of 35,000 signers. As of last count, the number was over 28,400.

Since November 2012, the Empire State Building has been rocking a Philips-designed LED color system which gives the building 16 million color options. It shouldn't be too hard to replicate Tardis blue.

If we look back into the show's history, we find instances of the Doctor visiting New York. A notable two-part episode from 2007 found the Time Lord saving the Empire State Building from the Daleks. I think the Empire State Building owes the Doctor a favor.

(Via Geeks are Sexy)