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This is how to pop the question if you're a 'Doctor Who' fan

This redditor and fan of BBC series "Doctor Who" figured out the perfect way to propose to his girlfriend. Of course, she said yes.

There are wedding proposals and then there are wedding proposals. Reddit user and "Doctor Who" fan Bill Cindrich came up with a way to propose to his girlfriend that would even impress a Time Lord.

He spent months in his garage building a custom, life-size Tardis with the question "Will you marry me?" at the top panel above the door. The build was as true to the Tardis from the BBC series as possible, right down to agonizing over which shade of Blue was true Tardis Blue. He managed to keep the garage build a secret from his girlfriend by convincing her that he was instead building her an epic Halloween display, and not allowing her in the garage for two months.

When he proposed, he gave her a wedding ring and the key to the Tardis, though he sadly didn't find a way to make it bigger on the inside. Now, he said, she has to pick out the Halloween decorations.

Of course, he captured the entire proposal and her priceless reaction on video for the world to see. Check out the video, which will give you all the feels, at the top of this post.

I think it's safe to say she said yes, and now has the key to the Tardis. Video screenshot by Anthony Domanico/CNET

(Via Reddit)