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Doctor Shoe: High-tops and sneakers for Tardis fans

Allons-y! Follow in the footsteps of your favorite Time Lord with this fashion tribute to the Tardis from Shoe Fury.

Channel your inner Time Lord in these Tardis shoes. ShoeFury

Whovians can walk a "wibbly wobbly timey wimey" homage to "Doctor Who" with high-tops or basic sneakers featuring a Tardis design.

The shoes, available from shoe shop ShoeFury, are designed by artist MJ, aka Vonplatypus. The famous "Doctor Who" blue police box shows up in the shoe's canvas fabric, as well as in a parody of the Converse All-Stars logo. The shoes are a shout-out to the Tenth Doctor played by David Tennant, who wore both cream-colored and red Converse sneakers.

The kicks have a unique design in that the tops are attached to the base via zipper, so once you buy the base you can mix and match various top designs available through ShoeFury.

The retro high-tops retail for $80 (about £52 or AU$103) for the top and base of the shoe. The top only costs $55 (about £36 or AU$71). The high-tops are available for men and women. The basic sneaker style with the same Tardis design goes for $75 (about £49 or AU$96) for top and base, or $55 (about £36 or AU$71) for the top only. The sneakers are also sold for men and women.

These shoes don't actually allow for time travel, but they will get you where you're going, or at least help you outrun a few Daleks.

Tardis shoes are cool. ShoeFury