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Dock without docking

Toshiba's new wireless laptop dock

Laptop docking stations have always been a bit on the awkward side, requiring you to slide your laptop into the dock, properly lining up the connectors. Usually, we end up banging the pieces together for a few seconds until they fit.

Toshiba showed us a new docking station for the company's Portege R400 Windows Vista convertible tablet that takes care of a lot of the limitations of traditional laptop docks. The wireless Ultra Wide Band Toshiba Wireless Port Replicator connects to the R400 automatically whenever it's within a few feet. It's not the first wireless dock we've seen, but with the bandwidth for streaming video clips with no problem to an external monitor and a DVI connection, it seems like a must-have accessory for the buzz-heavy Portege R400.

While the R400 itself will be available at the end of January, the Wireless Port Replicator, price to be determined, won't hit stores until the second quarter of 2007.