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Do you like scary TV shows? Watch the first trailer for 'Scream' on the small screen

The "Scream" slasher formula is updated with scary texts and viral videos, but the self-referential jokes remain.

"You can't do a slasher movie as a TV series", announces the trailer for MTV's "Scream" -- which aims to do just that.

The new TV series updates the formula of the "Scream" movies, 20 years after the ghost-faced killer first taunted Drew Barrymore and carved a trail of death across the big screen. The series premieres on 30 June.

"Everyone has secrets. Everyone tells lies. And everyone is fair game", warns the trailer, which sees the teenagers of Lakewood up against a murderous slasher. The show updates the tropes of the movies for 2015 with ominous text messages, cyberbullying, and a YouTube video going viral to kick off the plot -- at which point "it's only a matter of time before the bloodbath commences."

The young cast includes Bex Taylor-Klaus from "Arrow", Willa Fitzgerald from "Alpha House" and Bobby Campo from "Being Human".

Released in 1996, the first "Scream" movie re-invigorated the horror genre with its novel combination of humour and postmodern self-awareness, celebrating and subverting slasher tropes to create something new. The series involved four films, the most recent being "Scream 4" in 2011, a decade after "Scream 3".

Original director Wes Craven is an executive producer on the new show, but none of the original cast are reported to be involved.

Viral videos and other tech-related modern fripperies have been seen in horror movies such as "V/H/S: Viral", "Girl House" and "Unfriended", which is told through webcam footage during a deadly Skype call between a group of teens.